Meditation and Creative Visualization

Many people have wondered from time to time what exactly meditation is. There are many different answers to that question. At it’s core, though, meditation is the act of clearing the mind of distractions to achieve an internal goal. The process is incredibly personal and will change for each person based on their personal notions of meditation. A simple explanation of meditation could be the act of focusing ones energies inwardly, to promote growth.

And there are other uses for meditation that are being employed in modern life. Meditation has been proven to be an effective alternative to drugs in dealing with stress. By clearing one’s mind of all distractions, the practitioner can achieve a sense of calm that is lacking in our busy lives.

Meditation may take longer to perform, but the results are more long-lasting and come with none of the side effects of medication.There is also a growing body of evidence being put forth that states the mind actually has the ability to heal physical ailments.

The theory of mind-body healing proponents is that as the brain enters into different states of awareness (measured by frequency length of brains electrical activity), it releases hormones that promote cell repair. Meditation can take us into a state of deep relaxation, peacefulness and bliss. Helping us to find “serenity in the middle of the storm”.

Gary offers a series of weekly evening classes (6-10 weeks long) designed for the beginner to learn and experience the calmness that meditation can bring into our lives.

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